Albury Anzac 2020 calls for Poppies “shoulder to shoulder”

Albury Anzac commemoration asking for poppies from a united community. Anzac 2020 finds us united in admiration for those who are on the frontline in service of our country and community. Not footballers doing their own thing, but those whose main game is the welfare of others. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, essential services and not to forget the many carers in nursing homes embody the spirit of ANZAC at a time of Pandemic. St Matthews Albury would like to say thank you for the ANZAC spirit that has built our city inspiring  our community to work together to navigate the present crisis into a more compassionate humane future. 

We invite people isolated at home with time on their hands to make a poppy – knitted, crochet or through craftwork and tie it to the church fence running down Kiewa street in the run up to Anzac Day. We hope that all people will feel free to remember a loved one or show respect for the fallen in that personal way and bring the message of ANZAC home—that “we are one but we are many” and united by the spirit of ANZAC. The Last Post will be heard from the St Matthews tower at 6am and 10am to coincide with the local RSL commemoration and hope that the historic fence that has been a feature of Albury since before the great war, will in 2020 say something about the spirit that continues to give us courage when we are “up against it”.

Fr Peter


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