Alleluia – Christ is risen

He is risen indeed Alleluia!

We could never have seen Easter 2020 coming! And that’s the heart, soul and guts of the original Easter story. We’re back on home base, we are back where we started we’ve been here before. The Easter story is about hope and new life just when it’s dead and buried. It’s a story that continues to sustain individuals and communities when we are up against it.

Thirty years ago St Matthew’s was burnt to the ground, it looked like the end but it was just the beginning, although it took a lot of prayer and hard work support and courage to get us where we are today. The church gates are locked but the Easter message lives in each one of us. Thank you for sharing Easter hope wherever you are, we have never needed it more and thanks to all who have been continuing to support our work in the community with the most vulnerable that continues in the current lockdown.

Life rarely happens as we plan, even organising a simple Easter message can get blown away and burst as you will see if you click on this afternoon’s efforts captured on video-yet so in the spirit of the moment we thought we should share a laugh together.

Please also join us in sharing our Easter service recorded from last year at St Matthew’s and full of the Easter life. Easter life will get us through the current crisis into a future where we value every person and make more opportunities to care and support each other in Good times and in Bad.

Happy Easter!

Fr Peter, the family of St Matthew’s, with Bishop Clarence and the family of the Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta.


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