Martin Luther King’s dream a wake up call on Indigenous recognition and Refugees

As the world commemorates the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr an unwelcome spotlight falls on the struggles for human rights and the inertia of governments to act according to the ideals of our heroes.

Rural Australians for refugees will host a National conference this weekend with keynote speakers including Gillian Triggs and Julian Burnside.

The conference begins with a brief interfaith service at Matthews Albury at 5pm including indigenous and other cultural groups and representatives and Thomas Albrecht, head of UNHCR inn Australia .

Dr King’s stirring speeches ring out as a reproach to policies that are more in the realm of a nightmare than the fulfillment of a dream of rescue, compassion and community

5pm St Matthew’s, Albury – Friday 6th April 5, 2018. All welcome


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