NO service at St Matthew’s Albury tomorrow, Sunday 24th October

There will be NO service at St Matthew’s Albury tomorrow, Sunday 24th October at 9:00 am.

St Matthew’s Albury Doors closed but online, in response to Covid outbreak.

In response to the high numbers of Covid infections and exposure sights on the border, the St Matthew’s doors will be closed for the protection of our congregation and the community.

Many schools, aged care facilities and businesses are reacting to the outbreak in order to ensure that no more pressure is put on our local health care system and the wonderful doctors and carers who serve our community.

Emergency food and accommodation is still available through our website.

Please join us for our Livestream Service on St Matthew’s YouTube, or St Matthew’s website at 9.00am on Sunday 24th October.

We are hoping to be open as soon as possible when it is safe to do so.


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