10 April 2018 – David Luxon, Organ

Tuesday Lunchtime Recital: 1.10pm – 1.50pm

Performer: David Luxon (Organ)

Programme (notes supplied by performer):

RUSTIC SUITE – Alec Rowley born London 1958 died playing tennis 1982.

  • SUNLIT MORNING is a lovely way to begin your day. The colours and light are warm and gentle but they shift frequently and unexpectedly!
  • IN MEMORIAM is an intense piece and something of a “surprise” in a “country suite”. I imagine it depicts sad memories of a departed love one, standing at their graveside In the peace and quiet of the churchyard. It is dark and heart wrenching, but the mood which does not resolve is not angry or bitter. It’s just empty.
  • JUNE IDYLL Takes us right back to a happier mood and since we are now in the month of June in England, it’s time has come.
  • THE GENTLE SHEPHERD is a haunting shepherd’s song and the mood is one of “impressionism “ combined with the English speciality of modal folksong.
  • RUSTIC SCHERZO is a brilliant little miniature. It flys and flutters with beauty, energy and perhaps most of all humour. The whole thing ends with a brisk breeze “ppp”. Our day in the country which has had so many contrasts and surprises is over.

POEME – Zdenko Fibich
RESIGNATION – Robert Schumann
INTERMEZZO – Pietro Mascagni
AVE MARIA – Schubert
PSALM 19 – Benedetto Marcello