Book with the parish office

The process of booking a wedding is simple

Ring our Parish Office on (02) 6021 3022 and make a time to come and check St Matthew’s, or to meet with one of our Clergy to talk about your special place.

The Parish Office can also book a day and time for your wedding, and a time to meet one of our clergy team and fill in your legal paperwork (at least 31 days beforehand). It is best to start interviews 6 months out from the wedding. A non-refundable deposit is paid at this stage to secure your date and time. Please note that we hold reservations for 30 days until a deposit is paid.

Meet with one of our Clergy at least one month in advance to go through the legal requirements, conclude the paperwork and reflect upon your marriage. Depending upon your circumstances we may also need to apply to the Bishop to conduct an outdoors wedding or if you have been divorced.

Although we do not provide formal “marriage preparation” to couples, our Clergy take marriage seriously and will meet and talk with you about this commitment, and will offer whatever support they can for this life long journey. Should our Clergy discern with you that some further assistance may be required you may be recommended to a professional counsellor. Our Clergy reserve the right, as per under regulations as Marriage celebrants, to refuse marriage. A few days prior to your wedding you will need to undertake a rehearsal. This date is arranged with the parish office.

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