Wedding fees

A wedding at St Matthew’s Church, the finest wedding venue in the region, entails a fee of $1000.00 in total.

This includes all the legal requirements, and certificates, the priest, verger to assist with the comfort of guests, full use of the building, including our garden and fountain forecourt* for photos and refreshments after the service and wedding kneelers, an organist, or your recorded or live music which can be played through the church music system (including all copyright fees are covered) and standard flowers. (Fresh flowers are added to the church each week).

Special flowers can be placed in the Church by arrangement with the priest, through our Flower Arrangers. The cost of this is based upon market price.

Services conducted by a priest outside of these buildings will also entail a fee of $1000.00 and includes all legal requirements and the priest.

A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is required to confirm your booking. Full payment must be made prior to the wedding rehearsal.

Cheques should be made payable to “St Matthew’s Anglican Church Albury”, however cash makes the distribution of the monies easier.

Flowers & Decorations

The Parish provides two sets of silk flowers (lilies and other white flowers). There are also bridal falls for the pew ends and a floral bridal arch for the great west door available.

Special flowers can be added to the Church for a fee. Decorations in the Church are also welcome but will require negotiation with the priest as there could be other weddings or events on the day.

*Garden and Fountain Forecourt
The garden and fountain forecourt are available for use as an area for photos (both professionally and by guests), as well as a place for guests to have some refreshments after the ceremony.

A Peal of Bells

At St Matthew’s, a peal of bells is available for an extra $200. St Matthew’s offers the only peal of bells in Albury. Our tower contains eight bells which can be rung as you exit the Church to announce this most significant occasion. A peal of bells is available for a fee, as outlined above, and requires at least one month’s notice to ensure that our bell ringers are available.

Air Conditioning / Heating

St Matthew’s Church has air conditioning for those warmer months, as well as heating for the colder months to ensure the comfort of all those who attend our church.


It will be helpful to your guests if you arrange to have two ushers available 20 minutes before the commencement of your wedding service.

Don’t be late!

Being on time is essential. Other events take place in the life of the Church and so to make sure you have all the time you need, we ask that you be on time. The bridegroom’s party will need to arrive 25 minutes before your scheduled time, and the Bridal party will arrive 5 minutes before. Please note that lateness may cause your wedding to be postponed to later in the day.


A selection of pre-recorded music may be played, provided copyright laws are observed. St Matthew’s Church has its own music system through which your recorded music can be played. Our Parish adheres to copyright of music requirements and your fee covers the usage of most music within the Church. We also welcome your arranging musicians to play and have accommodated a variety of instruments and styles in the past. Marriages performed outdoors are responsible for their own music played.

St Matthew’s has a very famous pipe organ. We have a very gifted music team who can play a range of pieces, both traditional and contemporary to make your day most memorable.

We suggest that you will require at least three pieces of music:

  1. The entrance of the bridal party
  2. The signing of the register (at least 4 minutes long)
  3. Something to leave by

Each person will have their own taste and style. We are happy to consult with you and are open to your needs.


Your photographer is welcome. They should consult with the priest prior to the event to ensure that the best location for photographs is found, and also to ensure that your service is not disturbed by photographers moving around the Church. It is advisable, if possible, that they might come to the rehearsal.


Professional or amateur video is welcome, however video operators require a special “Single – Event video license” from AMCOS/ARIA before a wedding can be videotaped. A license application form is available from here. Please make your family and friends aware of these copyright laws; refusal to allow videoing on the day can cause confusion and embarrassment.

Something to throw?

Traditionally confetti, rose petals or rice has been thrown over brides and grooms to celebrate the event. Unfortunately these make a huge mess and have environmental consequences. We would suggest that bubbles would be a preferable alternative to these. You may like to provide some for your guests.

Service Sheets

We are happy to help you to prepare an order of service if you require one. An outline is available from the Priest. Unfortunately we cannot print these for you.

Married Outside

It is always lovely to be married outside, but it is best to have a back up plan. We suggest booking an alternative indoor location as a precaution. Marriage outdoors also has some logistical requirements in terms of being seen and being heard. We suggest that you arrange for a PA address system and some seating (especially for older relatives). Getting married in parks and gardens in Albury usually requires a booking to be made through Albury City Council. There is often a fee associated.

Change of Address

Please let us know if you change your address or phone number after you have made a booking. If we cannot contact you we will assume you are no longer intending to marry and your booking will lapse.

Address for Invitations
St Matthews Anglican Church
520 Kiewa Street
Albury NSW 2640

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